Sell Your Sales Page

Course Overview:

Welcome to the course!!!  I am SO excited you are here! You’ve managed to snag all of the bad boy (or girl) bonuses for this…so YOU’VE got a lot to go over!!

How the Course Works: 

**If you look at the LAST module in the list to the right…you’ll see the “Chat Room”!  If you have any questions, requests or comments…(or just feel like saying hi)…get them posted!” 

Each module in the course will have a video and a workbook for you to dive into. The primary modules of the course will focus on using the OptimizePress WordPress plugin to help you create absolutely STUNNING sales pages!!

I HIGHLY recommend using this plugin above any other plugin or system out there.  It’s MIND BLOWINGLY easy to use, allows you full customization of your site, makes creating templates easy peasy…which saves you time, and is only ONE payment of $97.  (If you are a Leadpages user, that will save you $479 a year!)

IF you don’t want to use OptimizePress, that’s no biggie!!  You’ll be able to create the different sections and learn from the videos using your OWN platform.

In the next four lessons (and bonuses), we’ll go over:

The Tools You Need to Get Started

Understanding your Customer, Your Product and Yourself

The Components of a Converting Sales page

HOW to Create a Converting Sales Page

BONUS: The Creator’s Kit

BONUS: The Template Kit

BONUS: The Swipe and Copy Kit

BONUS: The Opt-In Pages Kit